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Mussels are all we do
Confederation Cove Mussel Co. Ltd. processes live Prince Edward Island Rope Cultured Mussels. While our owners have been involved in the mussel industry for over 30 years, our newly constructed processing facility has only been in operation since April 3, 2000. With our modern operation and our well trained staff of 40+ people, we currently process over 25% of the Island’s cultivated mussel harvest.

We Care About The Environment
CCMC is Prince Edward Island’s newest and most modern processing facility; this has allowed us to become a leader in environmentally friendly processing. The 50 + different mussel farms that we purchase our mussels from are also expected to operate in an environmentally friendly manner.

Freshness Guaranteed
Our fresh mussels are shipped out everyday. We require that our mussels are to be held in their Natural Environment until the orders are received. Only after receiving the order will the processing and packing begin. This practice gives our customers the Freshest Quality with minimum order lead time, allowing for the best product turnover they can have year round.

Our Ever Expanding Market
Our fresh mussels have been a mainstay in the North American market and we are now shipping our frozen mussels around the globe. Confederation Cove’s Quality and Service is second to none and our pricing is competitive and consistent. We have learned that taking the necessary time to understand each individual customer’s product and delivery requirements is the only approach to use in determining how we can best meet each customer’s needs and expectations. Our largest US customer and distributor is JP’s Shellfish. Atlantic Canada’s largest grocery retailer, which is Sobey’s, is included in our list of varied Canadian customers.

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