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Harvest Area

Prince Edward Island estuaries are very well monitored to ensure the safety of our shellfish to the consumers. The Island has been divided into different areas to ensure product is tested on a regular basis from all across Prince Edward Island. The mussels are also monitored to try and predict when spawning will occur. Those areas are listed below:

Mussel Harvest Area Map

  • Area 1-(Red) Murray River
  • Area 2-(Green) St.Mary’s Bay, Montague River, Brudenell River
  • Area 3-(Yellow) Boughton River, Cardigan River
  • Area 4-(Blue) St. Peter’s Bay
  • Area 5-(Pink) Tracadie Bay, Winter Bay, Savage Harbour
  • Area 6-(Olive) Covehead Bay, Rustico Bay, Hunter River, Hope River
  • Area 7-(Teal) New London Bay, French River, South West River, Stanley River
  • Area 8-(Purple) Malpeque Bay, Lennox Channel, Bentick Cove, Darnley Basin, Baltic River
  • Area 9-(Grey) North Lake, South Lake, Souris River, Nine Mile Creek

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