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Naturally Sustainable

Confederation Cove Mussel Company is proud of the efforts made by our growers to supply us with sustainable, quality, and healthy mussels. Their farm practices are deliberate so as to have no negative impact on any creatures or environment around them and their product. Quality and growth is influenced only by nature itself. That is why this type of farming is endorsed by such groups as Monterey Bay Seafood Watch as best green, Audubon, Sea Choice, Ocean Wise and Eco Fish. To some this sustainable success may sound unachievable. That is why Confederation Cove continues to work with its supporting growers to develop and improve the farm practices and documentation so that we will continue to meet the scrutiny of the number of third party auditors we currently work with.

We are equally proud of our processing staff, who take the lead at insuring that they only enhance the farm side sustainable practices by stringently maintaining and improving standard operating procedures that meet or exceed the requirements of the most recognized food health and safety standards in the world. Due to these combined efforts, Confederation Cove mussels are produced and processed according to the standards set out by U.S. FDA, HACCP, DFO, CFIA, NSSP and GAA-BAP certification.

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