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Processing Facility

Confederation Cove Mussels Co. is Prince Edward Island’s newest mussel processing facility. It was built in the turn of the century on the site that was home to the ferry service between New Brunswick and PEI. A decision by the rest of Canada to have a more permanent connect to PEI and our quality mussels resulted in the construction of the world’s longest bridge over ice covered water. We are sure it is no coincidence that the bridge also passes as close as possible to our loading dock.

Confederation Cove Processing Plant

Our facility houses modern processing equipment and we pack only mussels. Our product line now extends to our frozen Mussel products in Au Natural, Marinara and Garlic Butter, as well as the traditional fresh. We are Federally Registered as a ready to eat processor and operate under current Quality Management Program that is monitored regularly by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. We also hold current Provincial Procurement and Processing Licenses.

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